Live Review – Sea Wolf/Sara Lov October 6, 2009

I canʼt say I have ever seen a crowd sit on the floor through an opener. Sara Lov, playing with a backing band of an LED adorned turntable and a single piece of vinyl had the crowdʼs attention as she opened Sea Wolfʼs unofficial album release party, but through no fault of her own she couldnʼt get them to their feet. Her closing number, an oddly understated cover of Arcade Fireʼs “My Body In A Cage” did little to embolden a crowd content with their view from the dance floor.

Sea Wolf is releasing their second LP, White Water, White Bloom after a wave of success that saw them charting on the Billboard Heatseekers list and finding their music accompanying commercials and Augusten Burroughs audio books. The set had a steady mix of new and old material, with the prior works standing out against the denser, moodier tracks of White Water.

Their show at the Media Club marked the availability of their new record. Frontman Alex Church raised his glass of wine to the audience, saying “this is a celebration”, his choice of beverage highlighting the fact this celebration would be more dinner party than hootenanny.

The crowd let the often haunting melodies wash over them and the band was more than happy to entertain a quieter than average rock show. The new material they tried out displayed the requisite innovation over invention of a sophomore effort, and the audience was generally receptive. The biggest reactions were for Leaves stand out “Black Dirt” and the breakout “Youʼre A Wolf”, the former done with an energy and emotion that trumped the album recording. Always listenable and sometimes inspired, Sea Wolf showed the faithful that their new endeavors will prove just as intriguing as their last.

As appearing originally in Beatroute Magazine.

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